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Hardboiled eggs are a staple in my diet because of their nutritional value – they’re high in protein (and they contain complete protein), potassium, Vitamin D & Vitamin B-12. Plus, they’re easy to take on-the-go.

That said, an under- or over-cooked hardboiled egg drives me nuts! After numerous trials, I’ve found a strategy that yields perfect hardboiled eggs – every time.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Cook Time: 8 minutes + 10 minutes of cooling time

Serving Size: You choose! I usually make hardboiled eggs with 10-12 eggs at a time.

What You’ll Need:

  • Large eggs
  • 1 large pot filled halfway with water
  • A pin or other sharp small utensil

Here’s How:

  1. On medium heat, bring water to a moderate boil (more than a simmer but less than a full-blown “this water is going to evaporate” boil)
  2. Use pin or other utensil to punch a small hole in each egg
  3. Place eggs in boiling water for 8 minutes
  4. Turn off heat and leave eggs in water for ~10 minutes
  5. Remove eggs from water and store
  6. If eating immediately after, place eggs in cold water for a couple minutes or let air-cool for several minutes. 

Please keep in mind that you may need to adjust your boiling time based on the altitude of your kitchen. I live close to sea-level, so if you live at a higher elevation, you may need to extend your boiling time by a few minutes.

After taking photos for this post, I upgraded my hole-punching device to a “Fox Run Egg Piercer Carded.” It was less than $5 on Amazon. I’ve been pleased with the results so far and have enjoyed not needing to clean a pin or keep one around my kitchen.

I hope this post makes hardboiling eggs as easy for you as it has been for me! Let me know how it works for you by using the hashtag #HMBgirl on Instagram.

Now go get your protein on! :)