OH MAN, YOU GUYS! This is a tough one!

I love doing slider workouts! They offer great variety and a butt-kicking challenge. Here are the deets:

What You'll Need: Grab a towel, paper plate, or "exercise slider" and a timer, and that's it! Oh, and be sure to do these on hardwood floor or some other smooth surface.

The Moves: 

  1. Sliding Side Lunge (60 sec left)
  2. Sliding Side Lunge (60 sec right)
  3. Pushups with Sliding Hand Placement (30 rec right & left)
  4. Sliding Side Climbers (60 sec)
  5. Bridge with Sliding Curl (30 sec right & left)
  6. Single Arm Slideout (30 sec right & left)
  7. Sliding Mountain Climbers (30 sec right & left)

How To Do This: Perform each exercise using the time frames listed above. After you're done, take a 1-2 minute break and repeat for a total of 2-3 rounds. 

I'm excited to hear how you like this one! Be sure to post a pic or video on Insta & use the hashtag #HMBgirl so I can see!