Yes, you. Because you signed up for my newsletter (for which I am eternally grateful), here's a Bodyweight HIIT Session that will only take 4 minutes! Easy. Peasy. 

These 5 moves will work your entire body and get your heart pumping. The goal is to move quickly, but be sure to focus on form first - then speed. If you need to move slowly to start and work your way up to a faster speed, go for it! As long as your form is top-notch and you're challenging yourself, you're doing it right. :)

Here's How:

Perform the following exercises for 40 seconds each. After each exercise, take 10 seconds to rest before moving onto the next exercise. One set will take 4 minutes. I recommend doing 2-3 sets total. 

  1. Burpee with Lateral Hop
  2. Overhead Squat Jump (if your arms start to fall forward, move them to a prayer position or to your hips)
  3. Speed Skaters
  4. Jack Knife Mountain Climbers
  5. Mountain Climbers

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Now go conquer this 4-minute sweat session!