This circuit will set your legs and glutes on fire!

It especially targets your hip abductor muscles, which are responsible for moving your legs to the side. You will need at least one infinity band for this workout. I used an extra heavy band (gray) and a heavy band (red), but you can use just one if you don't have access to multiple bands.

 Perform 15 reps on each side for a total of 2-3 sets.

  • Squat Jack
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Reverse Lunge with Overhead Band Reach
  • Lateral Band Walk
  • Narrow & Wide Stance Squat
  • Monster Band Walk
  • Lateral Leg Raise 
  • Donkey Kick
  • Lateral Donkey Kick
  • Lying Lateral Leg Raise
  • Hip Bridge (Both Legs)
  • Hip Bridge (Single Leg with Lateral Open of the Raised Leg)
  • Clam (I like to perform about 30 reps per side per set with these)

Let me know how you like these exercises! Use the hashtag #HMBgirl on Instagram to share with me. Get those buns to work!