Welcome to Heartmybody! I’m Emily, and I created Heartmybody after years of dreaming, planning, and learning about how to nourish our bodies, minds and souls through healthy living.

Heartmybody is built on a few of my core beliefs:

I believe every woman can love her body for the amazing things it allows her to do.

I believe no woman should ever feel inadequate because of society’s definition of beauty.

I believe every woman can feel strong, physically fit, and able to conquer the world with the right education on health and wellness.

After years of feeling self-conscious of my body, beating myself up over my flaws, and even taking some extreme measures to meet a distorted expectation of perfection, I decided that enough was enough. And in order to empower myself and other women out there just like me, I needed to be as immersed in health and wellness as possible.

I became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I continued my education by pursuing and completing my Master’s degree in Exercise Science. I tirelessly studied (and continue to study!) every aspect of health and wellness because I want to teach it to you.

I created Heartmybody to give you my best tips on exercise, nutrition, staying motivated, and more. At its core, Heartmybody is about strong women empowering each other to feel and be the best we can be – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I hope you find as much value in Heartmybody as I have found in creating it. Remember, you are beautiful in your uniqueness, and you are amazing because you are YOU. If you ever doubt it, don’t worry – I’m here to remind you!